Astrology Forecast For Capricorn 2009 – 2010 (General For All Sun Signs)

Were you captivated by the Matrix movies or The Game starring Michael Douglas, or even the Fight Club starring Brad Pitt, or Steven Spielberg’s A. I. Artificial Intelligence movie? Heralded by the longest night, the least amount of sunlight, Capricorn arrives with the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2009 and departs January 20, 2010. And with it comes mysteries, being in the background, yet fully in command. Time to wake up; realize just what the game of life is all about and you can take charge during Capricorn. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Energies: There are three energies pouring down on us during the time of Capricorn which we all have the opportunity to embrace.

Will energy: In its undiluted form, it is the most powerful of all energies. It cuts through all illusions, shows us what’s really going on beneath all the smoke and mirrors. Learning to embrace this Will energy and the power inside of you is everyone’s destiny, not just a Capricorn who must deal with it every day of their lives.

Engage with Will energy, transform any of its destructive elements and develop inner strength. Don’t run away from this energy, it’s the only energy that is strong enough to cut through the maze of life and end up with love. Will is pure spirit. It’s the energy of leaders, in Capricorn’s case, usually behind the scenes, but clearly pulling all the strings.

Manifestation energy: This is really Will energy that got all the way down to the physical plane. It’s not intangible but expressed in matter, condensed energy. It shows up as the life force of products or services that are strong enough to survive, sometimes for centuries. Become the sales person, making sure these not only survive but do really well.

Balance energy: In astrological language, Will and Manifestation Energy are the two energies that started off the astrological year in Aries. These energies are the opposite ends of the spectrum. And guess what these same energies are pouring down on us during Capricorn; Balance energy. Wielding these opposite energies, sloughing off their destructive extremes, finding the best of both brings about Balance. No wonder Capricorns must retreat to their caves to sort this all out by themselves, emerging only when they’ve figured out a way to balance whatever it is they might have got themselves caught in, in the game. Another way of saying Balance is Karma, balancing any past deeds that weren’t so cool. And building on your strengths, what you’ve done that truly is helpful.

Virtues: Empowerment, self discipline and patience.

Vices: Too strong, sabotage and pessimism.


Get in your cave and watch any or all of the Matrix series, a trilogy of science fiction action films: The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions where humans act out their lives in a virtual reality world while their minds are in another dimension. Let your own mind be stimulated to figure out what the game of life is about here on planet Earth. Here are three more to help you awaken if you didn’t get it fully watching the Matrix trilogy: The Game starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn which is a real Capricorn thriller, with a powerful businessman thinking only of business, schedule and work. You will be intrigued every step of the way. And here are a couple of others, if not for this Capricorn, then the next: The Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg’s A. I. Artificial Intelligence movie.

And do whatever it takes that’s of course good karma, to ensure that you are happy, don’t fall into pessimism. Zumba, play really uplifting music, meditate, there’s no one way, but get those happy juices flowing.

Intimate Relationships

First you have to come out of your cave long enough to fully interact, get involved, make the other person feel included. Minimum, take your partner into your cave with you to snuggle up during a cold winter’s night.


Christmas occurs during Capricorn, and even if you are not Christian, it’s holiday time. Here’s my favorite Christmas quote from a most famous Capricorn, “A good conscience is a continual Christmas,” by Benjamin Franklin.


If you are good at sales, you can survive in any economy and do well. There are so many good products, services, inventions sitting on the shelves because there is no one to sell them. And to be really effective, you must sell yourself, believe you are worthy. After all, you are your own product. Your service is what you can do to help those that really have a need, using your natural abilities.


You are so smart, and money is your game if you are a Capricorn. Don’t apologize, help with it. You could help a thousand ways, as you will always know the best deals, could do bookkeeping, sales and your ability to organize is awesome. And during Capricorn, money is everyone’s game, either getting it or holding on to it.

If you are down in the dumps, go volunteer and help someone that is worse off than you. It does wonders for the spirit. Give generously this month; money, if you have it. If you don’t, give of your time to help uplift someone else.