Sacred Sexuality in Your Astrological Chart

For some of my clients, sacred sexuality is a new concept, at least on the conscious level. On a soul level they might have a vision that a deeper approach to lovemaking exists… or they may long for a way to integrate their sexuality with their spirituality. Without knowledge of the paradigm of sacred sexuality, though, they usually lack a context or container to support or hold their vision.

Part of my job as a Vedic & Western astrologer and Spiritual counselor has been to reveal how this “new” paradigm of sacred sexuality manifests through the clients’ astrological chart. Whether they are gay, straight, bi or trans-gendered, when they hear about the “new” paradigm there is often an immediate recognition and an audible sign of relief!

After working with thousands of astrology and counseling clients, I’ve found that certain planetary aspects in the chart (whether Vedic or Western) indicate an interest in sacred sexuality or Tantra. In traditional Western astrology, Venus and Mars are the primary indicators of sexuality. Experimentation with alternative forms of sexuality is often seen with challenging aspects between Venus and Mars (the square, opposition, inconjunct, etc.) These aspects are often found in charts of people who either question their sexual orientation or who are in the process of finding their unique balance of male and female energies.

To see the deeper aspects of sacred sexuality in the chart, I usually look to the transpersonal planets (primarily Uranus and Neptune) and their connections with the personal planets (primarily Venus & Mars). Since Uranus represents universal energy (sometimes called prana, chi or kundalini), aspects between Uranus and Venus or Mars indicate individuals who are learning how to channel kundalini energy. Venus/Uranus aspects in particular are extremely common in people who are interested in sacred sexuality, or energy healers who are channeling kundalini energy (Uranus) through their hearts (Venus) and hands. Venus/Uranus aspects can also indicate an interest in a variety of alternative sexual expressions (bi-sexuality, homosexuality, polyamory, etc.)

Mars/Uranus aspects are indicative of individuals who are also learning to master the kundalini energy so they can be catalysts for their own and other’s evolution. Most importantly, they are learning to ground the kundalini energy so they can be fully present in the moment, a distinct challenge for both Uranus types! When the kundalini is not grounded in the Mars/Uranus individual, it can create a variety of issues including extreme impatience, ADD or ADHD-like symptoms and the inability to be in the present. When the Mars/Uranus energy is balance it creates an ability to be totally present to all that is occurring in the moment.

Venus/Uranus and Mars/Uranus aspects also indicate extreme needs for freedom and individual expression, which sometimes can create havoc in relationships. This is particularly true if the individuals are trying to conform to what mainstream society sees as “normal” forms of relationship. Both types tend to be willing to rebel against cultural norms if it means they can express their sexual needs more honestly and uniquely.

It’s ironic that both Venus/Uranus and Mars/Uranus types also often have aspects that indicate extreme needs for oneness and merging as well! (particularly Moon/Neptune and Venus/Neptune aspects). Without the context of sacred sexuality, these needs can sometimes seem to be mutually exclusive and un-attainable. That is why it is so empowering for clients when they discover that within the context of sacred sexuality they can truly have it all!

Venus/Neptune aspects in a chart are indicators that the individual is learning to be an agent or vessel of unconditional love. These aspects create strong idealism in love relationships where love is seen as a high spiritual expression. If Venus/Neptune combines with Saturn, there is often past life recollections of sacrificing one’s personal needs for the divine (think: priestess, nun, monk, etc.) Sometimes Venus/Neptune individuals would rather be alone than sacrifice their vision of high relationship. Although, Venus/Neptune aspects can create disillusionment in relationship, they can also create rarefied expressions of Divine love. In Vedic Astrology, you can see these same themes with Venus conjoining or being aspected by the mystical lunar nodes, Rahu & Ketu.

Mars/Neptune aspects are the penultimate indicators of the desire to surrender the personal sense of “I” to transpersonal or Divine will. The individual with Mars/Neptune aspects may be confused about who they are surrendering their will too. They may also express this confusion through sexual fantasy and seduction (think: Bill Clinton!) On a higher level, there is an urge to surrender, to let go of control and merge with the “other.” This can also show up as a desire or longing for true sacred Union with the Beloved.

One of the strongest aspects that I often find in charts of clients that are interested in sacred sexuality are strong conjunctions or close aspects between the Moon and Neptune. In this case the longing (Moon) for oneness and unity (Neptune) with the Beloved is the underlying theme of the whole chart. Although many Moon/Neptune individuals experience the “lower” manifestation of Moon/Neptune aspects (co-dependence, unhealthy merging, psychic sponge, etc), when they discover Tantra, they actually have a head start on oneness. Since their boundaries have often been more fluid than others, they’ve been practicing oneness, in one way or another, for all of their lives!

Through astrology, both Vedic & Western, we can discover and clarify how we are connected to transpersonal energies and how we can integrate the energies of the transpersonal planets into our daily lives. It is not necessarily an easy task as the transpersonal planets ask us to stretch and grow in new directions. When we do rise to the challenge, though, we are rewarded with rich, multi-dimensional experiences. Opening to the flow and energy of the transpersonal planets is truly a way of experiencing the Divine while being fully embodied in the physical form.