Taking Comfort In Our Spiritual Unity

(This article originally published in the December 2002 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine. Reprinted with permission.)


There’s only one of us here!

There is only spirit, only God playing a game with Itself. “You and I are not we, but One.” (guru Meyer Baba)

There is only energy. That is All There Is. But in order to know itself better and more consciously, this aware energy (Spirit) has decided to divide itself, to split itself into separate pieces, or fragments. It has decided to play the game of life on earth. It has decided to condense itself into packets of physical form.

The One Spirit has thought itself into existence, into material form, by playing around with all the myriad combinations of energy patterns. Like snowflakes, no two are ever exactly alike. Each is a unique configuration of an energy pattern.

Some of the fragments of this one energy are us… people! People are simply crystallized matrixes of energy, and our horoscopes are simply the energy patterns that existed at our birth (or, incarnation), condensed. We call these unique configurations “individuals,” “egos,” or “personalities.”

These special fragments of the One Spirit are distinguished by the primary characteristic of self-awareness. We are packets of crystallized energy that’s infused with awareness. It’s simple: whereas all of existence shares consciousness, only people realize they are people. People are the One Spirit (All That Is) brought into form, and able to realize itself as Spirit-in-Form.

The Elements

Within the One Energy are nuances of energies. These have been defined as different elements. Astrology is the age-old study of, and encoding of, these diverse types of energies, which have been named Fire, Earth, Air and Water. (In systems of astrology other than Western, there are different codes used, such as in the Chinese system where wood and metal both are substituted for air resulting in five elements… but it’s essentially similar in purpose.) These various elements tell us how each packet of self-awareness will play the game of life on earth.

A fragment of the One Spirit composed mostly of the element Fire is playing the game of life by experimenting with spiritual energy itself – its bright, dynamic, initiating, outgoing and creative qualities. Aspiring upwards, vital, never still, and rushing forth into activity, such a fragment experiments with being most like spirit while in a body. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are these. They are reaching for greatness. They need self-realization and challenge, but can forget they are human – mortal and subject to physical laws.

A fragment composed mostly of Earth is playing with the most solid and grounded kind of energy, the energies of the body and of form itself. Physical, practical, patient and realistic, focusing on the material aspects of life, they are concerned with accumulating stuff, gaining safety and control over the world, and dealing with substantive issues. Down-to-earth, stable and steady, such a fragment seeks to understand density and containment. These are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They are reaching for security. They need real results, but can forget they are spiritual beings – elevated and divine in nature.

A fragment composed mostly of Air is playing with the interrelating energies of mind, how minds mingle, and mentality contained in form. Curious, social, logical, communicative, busy, and focusing on ideas, they crave intellectual stimulation from studies or social intercourse. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are these. Thriving on reason, they are reaching for significance. They need a meeting of the minds but can forget they have feelings – emotions and needs.

A fragment composed mostly of Water is playing with the most sensitive and reactive energy – emotions. Moody, sympathetic, responsive, imaginative, and focused on the feeling nature, they are working with the most tender energies of all. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are these. Vulnerable, psychic, receptive and empathic, they are reaching for compassion. They need a reason to engage their heart’s loving embrace, but can lack for objectivity – logic and practicality.

The Variables

Besides these elemental nuances, many other variables can be reshuffled in endless mixture.

Astrology uses other symbolism to define the variety of energy packets we have come here as. For instance, the 12 above-mentioned Zodiac signs each describes a type of experience to be had playing the game of life, as do the 9 planets and the 12 houses, and the variety of aspects between them. Combining these basics with other variables – such as cultures, races, roles, eras, geography – the infinite variety of opportunity can be seen for the One Spirit to partake of life on earth.

Add to that, the significance of choices made by free will, and you’ll see that Spirit has a wonderful and ceaseless chance to try out all its disguises, all its potential. You are that. You are a unique and perfect expression of spirit, never before attempted.

Some packets are intrinsically easier than others (and that too is chosen), but any inherent challenge can be met by realizing the self-creation of its design and the spiritual purpose behind it. No matter how tough your present life seems, you (as spirit) chose to give it a shot. You thought, “Oh, that should be interesting; let’s try that combination!”

The universe creates itself as it goes, never repeating its forms. It creates ceaselessly in order to build the notion of form, or one might also say, of reality. The entire point of life is thus: to figure out how many expressions of unique quality can be derived from the same basic set of building blocks. The chemists know that there are certain fundamental elements comprising what’s known as a life-form; so too these same elements comprise any form. It is in their configuration, their endless (infinite) combinations that newness develops, and that change and growth become (evolve). It is not necessary that there be an endless supply of building material, only that the recombinations of such be endless. That is the formula, one might say, for eternity, and for the creation and development of a universe.

In our current universe, the building materials have been determined at the first instant of existence, and they will remain so for the duration of this particular universe. (In another universe – the ones built or developed in alternate realities or multi-dimensions – there might be other basic elements available for building form. But in this one, the particulars are well known and understood.)

How, then, can there be such prolific and ceaseless newness? It is because consciousness fuels the evolution of any form. The consciousness need not be understood as of the human variety, for that is not always the case. The human variety of consciousness can be called the point whereby the formation of mind is present. Whereby a mind is built that knows itself as mind!

– The Voice of Spirit, The Brotherhood of Light Workers

Let’s look at some details of other variables.

The Planets

Planets are emphasized by angular positioning, by the number of aspects made to them, and by their strength in the horoscope (cosmodynes).

If you have chosen an energy pattern that emphasizes the Sun, you are wanting to dwell on individuality, vitality, self-expression, creativity and essence; if the Moon, on emotions, instinct, memory and family; if Mercury, on intellect, perception, versatility, interchange, and the five senses; if Venus, on attraction, pleasure, harmony, kindness, affection, and niceties; if Mars, on aggression, conflict, sexuality, temper, motivation, ardor, courage, or action; if Jupiter, on luck, ethics, optimism, generosity, high-mindedness, and abundance; if Saturn, on responsibility, restriction, defense, introversion, caution, patience, thrift, self-discipline, and duty; if Uranus, on eccentricity, iconoclasm, freedom, originality, friendliness, humanitarianism, or genius; if Neptune, on inspiration, other-worldliness, idealism, spirituality, altruism, psychic attunement, and being a visionary; if Pluto, on intensity, power, extremism, transformation, psychology, or wealth.

Often, complex combinations of these create some difficulty not described by the planet alone, such as pleasure (Venus) combined with limitation (Saturn), or action (Mars) combined with flimsiness (Neptune), or feelings (Moon) combined with hardness (Saturn). Depending upon the configuration of these planetary patterns, that which is emphasized can seem like a positive or negative experience to the fragment.

The Houses

Emphasis on house content reveals the focus of the chosen lifetime. Full houses will demand the fragment’s attention, sometimes splitting the spotlight between two or more themes that may or may not be compatible.

House 1 demands attention to the self and its needs and realization; House 2, to one’s worth and productivity; House 3, to one’s community and communicative ability as well as to one’s siblings; House 4, to one’s family and roots; House 5, to one’s offspring and creative expression; House 6, to one’s health and livelihood; House 7, to one’s relationships; House 8, to one’s expectations of resources; House 9, to one’s beliefs and education; House 10, to one’s career and reputation; House 11, to one’s associations and goals; and House 12, to one’s previous karmic legacy.

The frequent appearance of empty houses reveals only that it is common, given the number of planets (9) and the number of houses (12), for that to be the case. Other factors, such as house rulerships and their planetary significance, sometimes balance out these otherwise unpopulated domains. Nevertheless, any heavily populated house will clearly reveal the soul’s intention for the energy configuration of that lifetime. Such is a person’s bag-o’-tricks, or toolbox.

The Aspects

Horoscopes that emphasize difficult relationships (hard aspects) between planets are broadcasting that soul’s desire to challenge itself through the chosen energy pattern, whereas those that emphasize easy aspects are a clear signal that a soul wishes less of a challenge and more of an enjoyable sojourn. The greater the challenge, the braver the soul. Courageous soul choices proclaim a strong desire to hasten the fragment’s growth towards wisdom. Sometimes, the soul chooses an intensely tough experience that the personality cannot handle. This can result in suicide. On the other hand, the fragment might rise to the challenge of such a choice, and make great inner progress towards the accumulation of wisdom and compassion. It is always Spirit playing its game with itself, though, and much relief and detachment – even the humor of the predicament – can be found by rooting oneself in that point of view.

Often, a mixture of aspect patterns can be seen, such as when a Grand Cross and one or more T-Squares share a horoscope with a Grand Trine and sextiles. This would indicate that the soul has desired to mitigate the severe testing by juxtaposing relief or assistance within the energy configuration – a smart move! Even then, if the fragment dwells upon the hardships rather than the blessings, the experience can prove unbearable. Wisdom would demand a realignment of focus away from the grief and toward the beauty of life. It’s here that free will enters the equation.

Culture, Race, Role, Geography & Eras

Twin (identical) energy patterns can occur when births take place in the same hospital (often, just delivery rooms apart) at the same minute of the same day. It’s then that other variables such as culture, race, geography or role are seen to play a great part in the soul’s choice to try a unique experience. For example, the baby can go home to a mainstream or minority household, can be eldest or youngest in the family, can be of educated or disadvantaged parents, or even be transported to an entirely different city in which to be reared, all of which will alter the parameters of the intrinsic energy pattern.

Not only does the soul play with a crystallized matrix of energy by which to experience the game of life (i.e., when to incarnate); it also maps out the road ahead. Different cosmic eras hold interesting future pathways to explore. An era in which Pluto will be transiting its ruling sign of Scorpio will be quite different than an era in which it will be found in a sign that has no strong affinity to it, as would an era in which two outer planets reach conjunction. (Both of these patterns are true of our generation’s!) And since these eras usually span a single lifetime, soul choice is revealed by the historical period chosen for reincarnation.

One More Variable

A soul that has had many more lifetimes on planet earth will have accumulated that much more wisdom against which to process its present experiences. As the soul ages, it will handle energy differently, with more insight, and thus react differently to energies. Eventually, we are told, the very advanced soul will completely transcend the energy patterns of their horoscope, reacting little or not at all to the very same triggers that impact most people. (The reason is simple: they are by then identifying more with a state of energy than with a state of form.)

Sometimes, soul age can be seen in a horoscope by several planets at very late degrees (finishing lessons regarding certain types of energies), or conversely, at very early degrees (beginning a new cycle of experience). However, the student of astrology would need to reserve judgment about this determination, and observe other traits that could corroborate any theory on such a determination.

New (Future) Energy Patterns

Upcoming energy patterns are revealed by Progressions and Transits.

In a splendid showing of divine play, an easy horoscope often becomes difficult through its progressed aspects, while a challenging one often becomes lighter. The journey is designed to provide tests (and relief) no matter what has been chosen. Progressions also can de-emphasize natal houses and switch emphasis to other themes as life goes on. Seeing “ahead” is especially helpful during hard times.

Similarly, patterns of transits (constantly changing and ephemeral configurations of energies – thus, an Ephemeris) can lighten or encumber the soul’s design. Knowledge of the duration of these overlaying helpful or hindering patterns is very useful, and can mean the difference between despair and patience.

See Your Local Astrologer!

If you want to understand your personal game plan, what combination of energies you opted into, how best to handle the givens and navigate through the upcoming patterns, see your local astrologer or study the discipline! If you are an energy healer, and want insight into working with another’s energies (loved ones, clients, co-workers) – or as they might be affected by your own – first know what energies you are encountering.

If you want to co-create life in the best possible way to reach awareness and fulfillment, know yourself and your options through your horoscope. It is your roadmap to liberation, and one of the best tools you can find for any healing work.


© December 2002.