The Importance of Mars in Astrology

Mars, the Warrior Planet is considered a Natural Malefic both in Vedic and Western Astrology. Mars’s energy is hot, explosive and violent, hence the classification “malefic”. There are many areas of life where this potentially destructive energy is not only beneficial, it is also necessary. Associating Mars with warfare is logical, because in battle, especially in old-fashioned battles where fighting was face to face and often one on one, this explosive, murderous energy coupled with physical strength and courage is the primary force.

Just remember that Mars’s influence outside of the battlefield is also enormous. Professions like marketing, medicine, technology, engineering, mechanics, competitive sports and of course law enforcement and the military are also directly ruled by Mars. People successful in these professions usually have strong, well placed Mars in their Birth Chart. When Mars is in a good place, in its own sign, in exaltation, in a suitable house or in a “friendly” sign, it gives courage and the ability to get up and fight back. Generally those with strong Mars hugely benefit from losses and defeats, as they bounce back even stronger.

When Mars is not in a favorable Planetary Position, it can cause anger and unnecessary aggression. The energy of Mars is focused and intense. This is not the energy needed for long-term continuous projects. Mars helps with short duration bursts of energy, like standing up for yourself in a certain situation or gathering your courage for a particular task. Mars, along with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus is a “Personal Planet”. Because of their relative closeness, these planets change positions in the sky fast, influencing day-to-day life and personal, short-term matters.

Mars is also responsible for passion and sexual desires and urges. If the Planet is well placed, it results in a healthy sex drive and a positive attitude, if not, it can wreak havoc in personal relationships, especially where marriage is concerned.

Following the daily, or at least monthly transits of Mars can give very useful insights, as this planet can really bring aggression and cause explosive situations. As we are “social animals”, it is very important to avoid unnecessary confrontations, anger and violence. Because in spite of this inherent danger, Mars is also responsible for vitally important and very positive qualities, it is best not to fear the Warrior Planet, but embrace its energies in a careful way.

As Mars moves fast through the Zodiac, it is possible to avoid certain periods for actions where this aggression can be harmful, without major inconvenience. These “dangerous times” are of a short duration. If Mars is well dignified in the Birth Chart, wearing Red Coral or Red Carnelian can bring success and wealth, as these gemstones channel Mars’s energy to increase self-confidence, courage, strength and the ability to focus.

The human mind has an incredible capacity to overcome difficulties. Just by understanding the energies of Mars, both the scary and the wonderfully vibrant and alive, we can consciously change our attitudes and focus on the positive aspects of Mars. A badly placed Mars cannot be held responsible for bad temper and violence, once the Planetary Forces are understood, it is our own choice whether we give in or resist. Astrology’s primary role is to understand these forces so people can make informed decisions and choices to live a happier, more successful life.